Sunday, September 19, 2010

week 2

This week wasn't as successful as last. I missed two workouts so I only worked out 4 days this week. My cravings sort of crept back up into the scene. I was doing so well the first week, I don't know why I became demotivated all the sudden? Week 3 starts tomorrow for me and I have to make a better effort to watch my diet and workout all 6 days. I start my new job on Tuesday with typical business hours. I either have to make time very early in the morning or after work in the evenings. I just need a little push.

Here are the stats as of this week:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Week 1

So today marks my last workout for week 1 with the Insanity program. Normally the program uses interval training where you workout intensely for a circuit (3 min) and get a 30 second break then repeat 2 more times. Yesterday on the other hand was brutal. It was pure cardio and after the 10 min warmup and stretch we went for 20 minutes non stop doing insane excercises. Even the people on the video were dying. I love that no matter what move we do we engage our core: high knees, plank work, push ups, etc.

As far as diet goes... I have been monitoring my calorie and excercise intake with a free iphone app called myfitnesspal. My goal is to only eat around 1350-1400 calories a day. I've been doing pretty well on it; I'm actually a little concerned that it isn't enough calories because I often feel hungry. I am going to bump my intake up to 1500 and see if that eases the hunger pangs. I also could increase my vegetable intake. I've been taking vitamins every other day and I am starting to feel good about myself.

Results after week 1:

Waist (around belly button): 33" (loss of 2 inches!)

Hips: 39" (loss of 1 inch!)

Chest: 36" ( loss of 1 inch!)

Thighs: 23" (loss of 1 inch!)


Biceps: 12" (no gain or loss)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weighing in

Ok. Reed (my son) will be 17 months old next week, my pants are tight, I'm self conscious to shirts on that cling to my belly, and I hate the way my body looks. In high school I was always tiny, even when I got married my wedding gown was a size 4. I got pregnant soon after getting married my sophomore year in college and gained around 30 lbs during the pregnancy. I remember going to the doctor for the first time when I was 16 weeks pregnant and I weighed 124 lbs... and now I weigh 140!?
I am ashamed that I have let myself go. My excuse over the past year and a half has been that I had a baby, was going to school full time and had a part-time job. I was always too exhausted to exercise or eat healthy. Now that I have graduated (yay!) and my son is almost a year and a half, I can't use those excuses.
I've wanted to lose weight badly for at least 3 months now. I have started Shaun T's Insanity workouts two or three times now and never made it past the first week. This time it has to change. I want my husband to think I'm as beautiful as the day he married me, I want to be active with my son, but most importantly I want this to get my self-confidence back.
I have to kick the sweets and make healthier decisions... so here goes nothing.

Weighing In 9/7/2010:

Weight= 140 lbs.
Waist (around belly button)= 35"
Hips= 40"
Biceps= 12"
Thighs= 24"
Chest= 37"